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Fortress Stabilization Systems offers a host of innovative and effective products for the repair and reinforcement of concrete and other structural components for the residential and commercial construction industry.

Countersunk Staple

Fortress Stabilization Systems Countersunk Staples are the first commercially available concrete crack control stitching system designed to transfer load away from repair materials.

Concrete Crack Repair System

Fortress Stabilization Systems is pleased to announce our new Concrete Repair Kit.

4020 Hardened Hi Modulus Epoxy Gel

The Fortress 4020 epoxy is a specially-designed true gel.

Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Strap System

Fortress Stabilization Systems hybrid grid system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fiber and kevlar.

Corner Strap Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Corner straps are specifically designed for the reinforcement and/or repair of concrete or masonry foundation wall corners and restoring the structural integrity to damaged foundation corners.

Kevlar Necktie

Fortress Kevlar Necktie is an Aramid Composite webbing with an aluminum bracket and zinc-coated lags that laminates into 4020 epoxy resin system.

Carbon Anchor

Fortress Carbon Anchor is designed to prevent shear movement assuming that there is no settlement or differential movement present.